Best of 2017 2

Best of 2017

What a year! We ran a total of 81 workshops with more than 270 students from all over the world. A record breaking 340 pairs of shoes were all hand made in our little studio in Bethnal Green. Here is a round up of my top 10 favourite pairs made in 2017.

Best of 2017 5

This pair were made by Nouf during our 10 day 'Mastering Footwear' course. Nouf visited us all the way from Saudi Arabia and managed to make 7 pairs of shoes during her time with us. This pair really stood out to me, as the design is almost exactly the same as the first ever pair of shoes I made.

Best of 2017 7

This pair were made by Lorena during our 10 day footwear masterclass course. Lorena visited us from the United States and also managed to make 7 pairs of shoes during her time with us.

Best of 2017 8

This pair were made by Annabel during 2 days of Private Tuition. Annabel and I had alot in common, both native Aussies running creative businesses very far away from home. Annabel visited us from the United States and runs a fabulous business called @littlepincushionstudio.

Best of 2017 9

This pair were made by Michaela during our 3-day intensive shoemaking course. Michaela's shoes are unlike most others made in our courses, they are 100% Vegan! The Vegan leather was a little tricky to work with at first but Michaela really got the hang of it and managed to totally impress the whole class.

Best of 2017

This pair were made by Ina during our 10 day footwear masterclass course. Ina visited us from Germany and has actually set up her own shoemaking studio -

Best of 2017 2

This pair were made by Laura during our 10 day course. Laura's design was so well thought out and executed to perfection. We were blown away with how well these turned out.

Best of 2017 10

This pair were made by Maya during our 10 day course. Maya visited us from Lebanon and has such beautiful taste, her shoes were classic and perfect. Maya is actually starting her own shoe line this year and we couldn't be prouder.

Best of 2017 3

These pairs were made by Richard in back to back courses. First he did the 5 day 'Derby Masterclass', followed immediately by the 10 day course. I was particularly impressed by Richard, he totally threw himself in the deep end and just went for it. The results speak for themselves.

Best of 2017 4

This pair were made ME! I was a little reluctant to include a pair made by me, but I just loved these so much, I wore them almost every day during the summer. This pair were made in the studio whist filming an I CAN MAKE SHOES segment for Culture Trip. It just goes to show that sometimes the simplest design can be a total winner. Plus I whipped them up in about 30 minutes!

Best of 2017 6

This pair were made by Emma from @onewemadeearlier and were by far my favourite pair of Sandals made all year! Emma was actually a competition winner and won a place for herself and a friend of the sandal making course, so I was absolutely over the moon to see such a great design come out of it. For more course info, view our courses page

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