I Can Make Shoes star student, Becky ( has gone from aspiring shoemaker to fully fledged shoe designer and I'm blown away by her work!

Becky was recently featured in an article by Air Malta Magazine where she explains how she went from watching videos of the shoemaking process, to joining our shoemaking course in London, to making beautiful shoes for exhibitions and collaborations.

Becky Grech Instagram

If you look at my first pair, they are hideous! But a real labour of love. I was a mother of two (now three) and didn’t want to go and do a long course abroad. I discovered ICANMAKESHOES in London and allowed myself to take part in their three-day course. Seeing my self-taught work, the teacher told me I had skills that I shouldn’t take lightly. I proceeded to learn the glue down construction technique and the whole trip was a very fruitful experience.

At the moment I am focusing on very stand out shoes; one off experimental pieces for exhibitions and collaborations. I am lucky that I can sketch and make a such extravagant shoes seeing them all the way through the production cycle from paper to podium or pavement.”

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It always makes me so happy to see I Can Make Shoes students taking their love for the craft of shoemaking to the next level, great job Becky!

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