Student Profile - Caroline Macaron 1

Student Profile - Caroline Macaron

Caroline's two big loves are shoes and deserts (Just look at her facebook page!). She has a particular interest in comfortable shoes, specifically to aid people who have bunions.

Caroline was one of my first students to start her own brand (Caroline Macaron), she attended the 3-day shoe making course back in 2011 and with that she quit her corporate job, moved back to France and set up business with her mum.

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After joining the course Caroline and her mother spent a few years doing their research. They needed to find the perfect shape and style of shoe that would be suitable for a huge variety of different feet and bunions. They finally cracked the code, and today successfully sell fashionable shoes to women who until now found it practically impossible to wear anything but sandals.

Here’s what Caroline had to say about her experience at I CAN MAKE SHOES:

"I stumbled across the I CAN MAKE SHOES workshop at the start of 2011 while I was searching for a way to learn how to make shoes from home. My dream was to create beautiful shoes for women with bunions and thanks to Amanda, this dream has become a reality. During her 3 day course, I learnt everything there is to know about making shoes. This course has been a game-changer for me and I strongly recommend it to anyone willing to enter the shoe industry. Today, I run my own shoe brand called Caroline Macaron with my lovely mum. Dreams do come true :) " - Caroline, 2018

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Happy Shoemaking, Amanda xx

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