Marlene, an innovation consultant and mother of two, came to "I Can Make Shoes" in 2019 and has since started her own slow fashion sandal brand SANDALERIE.

Sandalerie Instagram Account

Why did you decide to join one of our courses?

After I finished my Master's degree, I wanted to do something creative with my hands. I was looking for something special and remembered that I used to love making little paper shoes as a child. So I searched the internet for a course on making sandals and decided to take the course at "I Can Make Shoes". As I'm from Germany, I combined the course with a little trip to London. Since then, designing and making sandals has been my passion.

Why did you start your own shoe brand?

I started my own shoe brand of made-to-measure strappy sandals because I wanted to bring the fantastic experience of custom-made sandals from the Amalfi Coast to Germany and Switzerland.

During a girls trip to southern Italy, I fell in love with the family-run sandal shops that offer custom-made leather sandals. You feel like you're in a candy store, you can choose the design of the sandal and the colours of the leather straps, and then the shoe is made on your foot in less than 30 minutes.

Through the course at "I Can Make Shoes“, I had a sharpened eye for the production process. Thanks to my background in agile product development and my basic knowledge in shoe production, I was able to re-create this Italian experience after a few years of experimenting with different techniques and materials. And for the women who don't live in Basel or Zurich, I also sell elegant lace-up sandals online that don‘t need to be fitted in person.

What was your main inspiration for your shoe collection?

My main inspiration was definitely the elegant Italian design of the Amalfi Coast. By offering only timeless colours like cognac and black, I want to contribute to slow fashion and offer women beautiful, high-quality sandals that are made especially for them and will last for many years.

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