Another amazing pair of wedding shoes for one of my besties! (SO many weddings at the moment and now I've got my own wedding shoes to start thinking about!) Sophie's brief was Studio 54 & Sparkle and I am so obsessed with how they turned out, oh and incase you're wondering so was she ;)

They have a slightly chunky heel with a platform at the front so were comfy for being on your feet all day and as usual I padded them out with some extra comfort foam - inbuilt party feet, don't mind if I do! hehe

The sparkly mesh diamante material came from Fan New Trimmings in London and was actually easier to work with than I thought, but my gosh they are SOOOO much more sparkly in real life, it was so hard to capture the full effect on film, but the IRL impact was epic!

Here’s a little run through of how I made the shoes…

Making DIY Wedding Platforms

Step 1 - Firstly, I cut out all of my pieces from this beautiful bright white leather.

Step 2 - Up next, I covered the insoles, platform unit and heels using the white leather.

Making DIY Wedding Platforms

Step 3 - I then embellished the heels, uppers and platform units with the sparkly mesh diamante material 💎

Step 4 - I assembled all of the parts of the shoes, lasting the uppers to the insoles, attaching the platform and screwing in the heels.

Making DIY Wedding Platforms

Step 5 - Next, I added beige resin soling to the bottom of the shoes.

Step 6 - Finally, I added silver insole socks that had a little foam underneath for maximum comfort!

Estimated time to make = 6 hours

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