I bought myself a pair of wooden clog soles a while ago and after having a little toe-stubbing accident recently, I thought I’d make myself a pair of extra comfy handmade slip-on clogs with an extra wide toe box.

The unique blend of traditional design and contemporary style makes clogs a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Instead of settling for store-bought clogs, why not create your own pair? In this tutorial, I will guide you through the process of making a custom pair of DIY clogs. Let's get started!

Total make time (approx) = 3 hours

I built up my flat shoemaking lasts to make sure they replicated the shape of my foot exactly. As my poor toe was all bandaged up, I made the toe area extra wide. To build up the lasts, I used the wide fit kit, which includes everything I needed to build up my shoemaking lasts.

Here’s a little run through of how I made the shoes:

How to make clogs - shoemaking tutorial

Step 1: Firstly, I made my shearling insole sock using the bottom of the clog as the pattern.

Step 2: I then glued the insole sock to the wooden clog using my water-based shoemaking glue.

How to make clogs - shoemaking tutorial

Step 3: Next, I traced my clog pattern onto vegetable tanned leather, and cut out the piece to get my upper.

Step 4: Using my awl, I made pilot holes around the edge of the upper.

How to make clogs - shoemaking tutorial

Step 5: I then wet the leather so it became malleable and stretched it over the last

Step 6: Finally, I hammered in upholstry tacks through the pilot holes and onto the wooden clog.

And that's how I made this super comfy pair of slip-on clogs!

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