Did you know that our ballet pump pattern is completely FREE to download 🤔 You can find it here:

I've been seeing mesh ballet pumps EVERYWHERE at the moment - so I thought I'd make my own pair!

I used some millinery mesh from @maccullochw for the upper but in all honesty I think a tighter more sturdy (and waterproof) mesh would be better next time, I’d follow the exact same process though. I also used some beautiful soft black leather for my lining & binding and our pre made flat sole unit for the sole. 

Watch the full tutorial below ⬇️

Here's a little run through of how to make these ballet pumps:

Step 1: Use the regular ballet pump pattern or an amended ballet pump pattern to cut out your uppers.

Step 2: Use this pattern to also create U-binding for the top of the ballet pump. My binding was around 1.5cm wide.

Step 3: Glue the binding to the mesh uppers using water based glue. I apply glue to the mesh and the binding because it is a contact adhesive.

Step 4: Stitch this binding in place. I use the Janome HD9 sewing machine with a denim needle.

Step 5: Sew together the back seam before flattening out the seam.

Step 6: Cover the back seam with a strip of leather. Again, glue this in place with the water based glue - placing the glue on the mesh and on the leather. Then stitch this in place.

Step 7: Cut out your mary jane straps (if you have chosen to do straps on your project). I did this by backing my leather with itself (gluing it together using water based glue) and then running this through my strap cutting machine. You could always cut your straps with scissors or a craft knife.

Step 8: Insert your buckles into your straps. I decided to use buckle elastic to give a little movement.

Step 9: Decide where you want to position your straps and how long you want them to be - then cut the straps to the desired length.

Step 10: Add a layer of foam to your insoles before covering them in your lining leather. I always trace around my insoles with roughly 1cm excess.

Step 11: Remove any bulk from the bottom of the insole using a safety beveler.

Step 12: Last your uppers, gluing them to the insole with solvent based glue. A heat gun will be your best friend here.

Step 13: Attach your strap using solvent based glue.

Step 14: Attach the pre made sole unit using solvent based glue.

Here's what you'll need to make your own Mesh Ballet Pumps:

1. Our FREE ballet pump pattern

2. A pair of Flat Shoemaking Lasts

3. Mesh and leather of your choice

4. Texon Board for the insoles

5. Foam Sheets for added comfort for the insoles

6. Pre-made soles or resin soling for the soles

7. Buckles for a mary jane strap

8. A Sewing Machine - we use the Janome HD9

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