SHOEMAKING WORKSHOP - Mia's Red Double Strap Mary Janes

SHOEMAKING WORKSHOP - Mia's Red Double Strap Mary Janes

Mia's Red Double Strap Mary Janes

In April, Mia joined our 3-Day Shoemaking Workshop in London, where she crafted a pair of amazing red double strap Mary Jane ballet pumps. Enthusiasts from around the world sign up to our hands-on shoe workshops, which are designed for both beginners and seasoned shoemakers alike.

Day 1: Introduction to Shoemaking

Our workshop kicks off with an in-depth introduction to the art of shoemaking and shoe components. Participants start by selecting their leather colours, with Mia opting for a vibrant red leather for her Mary Janes. Key techniques such as closing—sewing the leather pieces together to form shoe uppers—are covered, alongside the preparation of insoles, patterns, and lasts.

Day 2: Shaping the Uppers

Under expert guidance, day 2 focuses on shaping the shoe uppers over shoemaking lasts (shoe blocks), known as 'lasting'. Mia meticulously moulded her red leather uppers to into elegant Mary Janes, employing precise techniques and adding necessary stiffeners for structure. 

Day 3: Final Assembly

The final day revolves around the assembly and finishing touches. Mia skilfully attached soles and heels to her shoes, ensuring a flawless finish. By the day's end, her eye-catching red double strap Mary Janes were complete and ready to wear.

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The 3-Day Shoemaking Workshop is designed for complete beginners, and teaches the step-by-step process of making a shoe from start to finish. We maintain small class sizes to ensure personalised attention from our dedicated instructors. Each day builds on the previous one, guiding participants from selecting materials to the final assembly of their shoes. The course offers over 15 shoe styles to choose from, allowing for a diverse learning experience.

For those interested in shoemaking, this workshop offers a structured, supportive environment to learn and create.