The court shoe (also known as the 'pump') is the perfect construction to make when you are starting your DIY shoemaking journey from home. It's also a timeless design that transverses all seasons and trumps all shoe trends. 👠👠

The best part about this pattern is that it's completely FREE! We believe that the court shoe is the best place to start for beginners and that you'll learn so much about shoemaking process from making a simple shoe like this. That's why we've made this pattern free in an effort to make home shoemaking a more accessible craft. 

High heel court shoe pdf shoe pattern


To help you get started, we've made a FREE downloadable high-heel court shoe pattern in sizes EU 35 - 44 (that's UK 2 - 11), which you can print at home. Once you've nailed this style, you'll know the fundamentals of making high heels and can totally create styles of your own design. ;)

In an effort to make shoemaking a more accessible craft, we've made this downloadable shoe pattern easily printable from home, and have included a step-by-step closing sequence to help you along the shoemaking and sewing process.


The PDF shoe pattern is available for instant download and prints on sheets of A4 or Letter size paper. All you have to do is print at 100%, cut out the patterns, and tape together any that have been broken up to fit on an A4 page.

What you'll need:

  • Upper and lining materials of your choice. 
  • Matching polyester thread.
  • Scissors.
  • A domestic flatbed sewing machine, with a denim or leather needle.
  • Water-based glue and a safety beveler, which you can find in our Beginners Shoemaking Tool Kit.

Step by Step process:

  1. Trace and cut out the linings and uppers in your chosen material using the same pattern. *Remember to flip the pattern pieces to get left and right feet.*

  2. Stitch together the centre seams, 5mm in from the edge. Open the seams with a little glue and skive away excess bulk. *These seams are closed seams, so stitch right sides together.* 

  3. Glue and fold over the 5mm allowance on the toplines of your uppers.

  4. Apply a little glue along the wrong sides of your upper and lining toplines. Using your centre seam as a reference, match together the uppers with the linings and stick the toplines together. *The 5mm trimming allowance on your linings will sit 5mm above the topline of your uppers.*

  5. Trim off the trimming allowance, leaving some at the centre seam to help with the lasting process.

You're now ready to last your uppers! 🎉

To give you some inspo, why not check out these gorgeous high heel court shoes that some of our students have made during our shoemaking course...

High heel court shoes inspiration

If you make a pair of handmade pumps of your own, we'd love to see! Send us your pics via Instagram: @icanmake_shoes. I can't wait to see the amazing shoes you make! 💖

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Happy Shoemaking,
Amanda xx