C'mon Barbie, let's go party...

Barbie Shoemaking Kit

This project will take you approximately 4-6 hours to make from start to finish. This shoemaking tutorial is designed for total beginners to make from home.💗 

Before you start:

Before you get started making your barbie inspired platforms, I'd recommend you read through all of the steps listed below and then watch through the video tutorial in full (at least once).

All of the shoemaking components are included in your kit, the only additional tools you'll need are:

  • Domestic flatbed sewing machine.
  • Scissors and/or a craft knife & a pen.
  • Small jar to decant the glue.
  • Masking Tape.
  • Leather hole punch or piercing tool such as an awl.

Ok, let's do this!

Step 1 - Use your platform pattern to cut out the gingham faux leather, remember to flip the pattern to get left and right feet. Coat your platforms and the underside of the gingham material using the solvent-based shoemaking glue.

It's SO important that you get the glue right up the the edge and if you find that any areas aren't sticking you'll just need to add more glue.

IMPORTANT REMINDER - This glue is a contact adhesive which means that it must be on both sides that you stick together and it also needs time to dry BEFORE you stick it down.

Step 2 - Cover your padded insoles using the soft lambskin leather found in your kit. Make sure to trim the base completely flat, you may need to use the safety beveller to skive down some of the bulk underneath.

Step 3 - Using the patterns provided, cut out your toe straps and ankle straps using the gingham faux leather. After you have attached your buckle following the video instructions, you can glue the gingham to the lining and stitch around the straps on your domestic sewing machine.

Step 4 - Next you can position the straps onto the insole board by wrapping the straps over your foot and using masking tape to attach the straps to the base of the insole.

IMPORTANT REMINDER - Make sure you have your foot in the high heel position to ensure that the straps are at the correct angle.

Start by placing your foot on top of your insole board and place your front straps directly over your foot. The straps should be attached to the base of your insole boards using a bit of masking tape. Buckle your ankle strap around your ankle. With your foot still on your insole board, in the high heel position, wrap the ends of the ankle strap directly over your foot, where it sits most comfortably and stick the ends in place under the insole board using masking tape. 

Step 5 - Remove your foot from the insole board. Trim your straps if needed and make a mark around them onto the insole board. Glue the straps in place using the marks you made on the insole board. Skive away any bulk using the safety beveler. 

Step 6 - Glue the whole underside of the insole (which should now have your straps attached to it) right up to the very edge.
Then, glue the whole inside top area of the platform. Make sure you get the glue right up the edge of the platform so that the insole can sink into place and be held securely all the way around.
Once the glue has had 5-10 mins to dry you can stick the insole into the platform unit.

Step 7 - Coat the underside of your black resin soling and the underside of the platform unit using the glue. I also like to add a bit of the glue to the base of the heel and the underside of the heel tip before I stick it in place.

IMPORTANT REMINDER - Make sure the glue goes right up to the edge on both the soles and the platform.

Then, starting at the toe, you can place the sole onto the base of the platform unit, wrapping it tightly to the base all the way down to the end of the heel. If you have any overhang at the end of the heel you can trim it off at this stage too.

Next, I recommend you watch through this whole video (at least once) BEFORE you start making anything.

Watch the tutorial ⬇️

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