In this 30-minute introduction video, you will learn:

👡 The different parts of a shoe.

🌟 A step-by-step shoemaking tutorial.

⚒️ What you'll need to make your own shoes.


I recently took the Fabulous Flats 2 day course and it was awesome! I loved every minute and am so excited about having learned the skills to design and make my own shoes. Thank you for the great teaching.

Becky G

I had a wonderful time on the 3 day course. I have a beautiful pair of shoes and confident to go on making more and eventually running a shoe making business.

Barbara C

It was such an amazing experience! I never could have imagined to learn so much in such a short course. The teachers are SUPER nice and helpful. I still cannot believe I managed to make a decent pair of shoes in just 3 days!

Samuel S

Just wanted to say thanks so much for an amazing couple of days refining my skills! I can't wait to share you what I manage in the next few weeks or months.... Watch this space! Xx

Laney Jane M