2-Day Sandal Workshop

Our sandal workshops are back! 🌟

Dive into the craft of leather sandal making with our 2-Day Workshop.

Located in the heart of East London, this immersive experience is designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike, offering a perfect introduction to the art of shoemaking.

2-Day Sandal Making Course

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Workshop Dates

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Over the course of these two days, you'll be guided by our team of shoemakers through every step of the sandal making process. From selecting high-quality leather to mastering essential stitching techniques, you'll gain hands-on experience in creating your own self-made sandals.

Our workshops provide a supportive, creative and engaging environment. Whether you're exploring a new hobby or looking to expand your skills, this workshop offers an exciting opportunity to unleash your creativity and craft a stylish pair of sandals to take home.

Workshop Structure

This workshop runs for 2 consecutive days from 10am to 4pm, with a 1-hour lunch break.

Day 1

On Day 1, you will choose your sandal style and make your leather selection. Next you will cut and assemble your sandal uppers. Finally you will cut and prepare you insoles, ready for assembly on day 2.

Day 2

On Day 2, you will position your straps to get a bespoke fit. Once you're happy with the fit, you will smooth out the base of the sandal and attach your soles. We will also do any finishing touches.

What styles can I choose from?

During this course you'll have time to make one pair of sandals. Below is a list of styles you can make during this workshop.

Fisherman Sandal

Size Range: EU 34 - 44 / UK 1 - 11 / US 4 - 14
Heel Height: 1.5 cm / 0.5 inch

This classic style includes a buckled ankle strap and two cross foot straps providing great support and a stylish look.

Interlocked Slider

Size Range: EU 34 - 44 / UK 1 - 11 / US 4 - 14
Heel Height: 1.5 cm / 0.5 inch

This simple take on a classic slider style offers great support and is the perfect style to throw on with anything and wear all summer.

Ankle Strap Sandal

Size Range: EU 34 - 44 / UK 1 - 11 / US 4 - 14
Heel Height: 1.5 cm / 0.5 inch

This sandal design is a stylish and elevated everyday sandal. Another great style to throw on with anything and wear all summer.


I Can Make Shoes

The Pill Box,
115 Coventry Road,
London E2 6GH,
United Kingdom

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Did you know?

Our in-person workshops are in high demand and often sell out. If our course dates are all sold out and you would like to get started right away then our Online Footwear Masterclass might be perfect for you.

Inside, we have over 50 hours of pre-recorded lessons. They are super easy to follow, include a free shoemaking kit, and cover a range of styles including boots, sneakers, sandals, mules, heels, etc.

On top of this, the course also has a huge library of tutorials (145 videos to be exact) on things like custom fitting, working with different materials, and general shoemaking tips & tricks.

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Additional Information & FAQs

Any questions?
Reach out to us at info@icanmakeshoes.com

Our sizes range from:

EU 34 / UK 1 / US 4
EU 44 / UK 11 / US 14.

Find out what size you are in our shoemaking lasts (shoe blocks) by following our size guide here.

Yes! We can accommodate wider-than-average feet in our workshop.

When you book onto the workshop, we will reach out to you asking for your foot length and width measurements. We will prepare your lasts (shoe blocks) in advance, so it's important that you give us as much of an accurate measurement as possible.

Please note that if you suffer from any medical conditions that contribute to your feet being wider than average, it's best to reach out to us beforehand as there are certain limitations regarding what we can and cannot achieve in our workshops. 😊

Please note that we are not podiatrists. You are more than welcome to bring your orthotics, insoles or arch support with you to the workshop. However we cannot guarantee that your orthotics will fit and/or be suitable with regards to the design you choose to make. We do not teach how to make your own orthotics or arch support in our 2-day workshop.

Our 2-day workshop is quite a fast-paced workshop. As we prepare each students' lasts (shoe blocks), patterns and insoles in advance, you must select a design from our selection above.

At this time, we cannot accommodate design tweaks or changes during the workshop. Thanks so much for your understanding.

Our workshops are designed for total beginners.

If you're an experienced or advanced shoemaker, this workshop may not meet your requirements. It's best to reach out to us beforehand at info@icanmakeshoes.com to discuss your expectations.

In our 2-day workshops, your shoe patterns will be prepared for you ahead of time. During the workshop, we will demonstrate how to cut a simple shoe pattern, but it may not be your exact design. You will be able to take your shoe patterns with you at the end of the workshop.

We always recommend to use leather for your first ever pair of shoes, as vegan materials can be difficult to work with.

Before booking your spot, it's best to reach out to us at info@icanmakeshoes.com to discuss your requirements.

We have a strict no-refund policy on all of our in-person workshops.

If you have booked onto one of our in-person workshops and would like to reschedule to a later date, you must give us a minimum of 2 weeks notice. We will accommodate a date change where possible. Please note that we are unable to reschedule your attendance if you give us less than 2 weeks notice.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the entirety of the workshop you booked onto, we are unable to compensate you for any missed time or reschedule you to a later date.