A Beginner's Guide To Home Shoemaking


Learn to make your own shoes from home, starting with our 3 most popular tutorials

We've pulled our 3 most beginner-friendly shoe styles from our Online Footwear Masterclass, and combined them to make our Online Shoemaking Mini-Course.

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Beginner-friendly online shoemaking lessons

This course provides 3 step-by-step shoemaking lessons, starting with the basics and gradually progressing towards more advanced techniques. It covers everything from selecting the right tools and materials to assembling your own shoes from start to finish.

Work through our tutorials at your own pace with lifetime access.

What's included?

Get lifetime access to our 3 shoemaking lessons and learn to make: ballet pumps, clog platform wedges, and fisherman sandals.

✔ ballet pumps

Learn how to make this classic and timeless style from start to finish! This is the best style to learn when getting started.

✔ clog platform wedges

Make your own clog sandals using our super lightweight and flexible wood effect clog soles, or a platform unit of your choice.

✔ fisherman sandals

Learn how to make this classic sandal style from start to finish. Achieve custom-fitting straps for ultimate comfort and support.

✔ ready-to-go patterns

Download and print our ready-to-go patterns in our extensive size range. Our patterns range from size EU 34 / UK 1 / US 4 to EU 44 / UK 11 / US 14

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Any questions?

Have a read through our FAQ's below, or reach out to us at info@icanmakeshoes.com

Our women's sizes range from EU 34 / UK 1 / US 4 to EU 44 / UK 11 / US 14. Find out what size you are in our shoemaking lasts (shoe blocks) by following our size guide here.

If you would like to learn how to make custom adjustments to your lasts (shoe blocks) to accommodate wider or difficult feet, our Online Footwear Masterclass may be best for you. 😉

Absolutely! This course is suitable for complete beginners, and/or for those who have sewing experience. The course's goal is to equip learners with the skills and knowledge needed to create high-quality shoes on their own. This online course is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning the craft of shoemaking, regardless of their prior experience.

All of the lessons are pre-recorded. This means you can watch them online at any time, at your own pace.

Our Mini-Course does not come with ongoing support. If you're looking to learn the craft of shoemaking and receive ongoing support from our team of shoe experts, then our Online Footwear Masterclass may be a better course for you. 😊

Totally! We've taught this proven step-by-step process to total beginners for over a decade and already host thousands of students from all over the world.

Absolutely! While we mostly use leather for the demonstrations, you can follow the exact same steps using vegan materials of your choice. All of our glues are vegan, and most supplies in our shop are too!

The course includes tutorials for 3 shoe styles. Once you sign up, you get lifetime access, so you can work through the tutorials at your own pace. And you can get started with the styles that excite you the most! 🤩