Summer is finally here in London ☀️ And it's got me thinking about all the summer shoes and sandals I could make... So I thought I'd share them with you and hopefully inspire you to make your own summer shoes!

1. Slider Sandal Mules

Black leather slider sandals

I've probably made 3 or 4 pairs of these over the past few years - I just can’t get enough of this style. They’re super comfy and easy to slip on - which is just what you need in this heat!

Get started with the Slider Sandal Pattern. 

The full step-by-step tutorial is available in the Online Course.

2. Fisherman Sandals

Fisherman sandals similar to The Row, Urban Outfitters and ASOS

I love this sandal style, it’s so versatile and looks great with a dress, stylish long trousers, or even jeans!
What makes them so easy is that I used thick-ish leather (aprox 1.5mm) for the straps which meant that they didn’t need any lining and the only sewing is for the buckle which needs to be stitched in place ✨ (of course you can totally line the straps if you'd prefer).

Get started with the Fisherman Sandal Pattern.

The full step-by-step tutorial is available in the Online Course.

3. Toe Strap Sandals

Custom toe strap sandals with soft brown leather

For these brown toe strap sandals I used a roll of pre-made leather straps, which as you can imagine, really speeds up the process!!

What I love about this style of sandal-making is that you can get super creative with the positioning of the straps. I decided to do an over-the-toe strap but this is totally optional.

The full step-by-step tutorial is available in the Online Course.

4. Mid Heel Mules

Mid heel mule sandals

Mid-heel mule sandals are such a timeless style. Not all sandals have to be flat - that's why I wanted to include these in my sandal inspo as I think these make such a fabulous pair of summer shoes!

Get started with the Mid Mule Sandal Pattern.

I teach you how to make this style of shoe in my FREE Introduction to Shoemaking Course.

5. Clog Sandals

Custom strap clog sandals

These are such a quick and easy make! All you need to do is grab yourself a pair of our Wood Effect Clog Sandal Soles and combine it with whatever sandal straps you decide to do! (You'll also need to create your insoles too so that you can last your sandal straps over them)

The full step-by-step tutorial is available in the Online Course.

6. Block Heel Sandals


Block heel sandals

I love a good block heel sandal. You can again get creative with the strap placements or keep it super simple and let the leather do the talking like me. 

Did you know this Block Heel Platform Sandal Tutorial is available on YouTube? Check it out below:

7. Platform Mules

90's vibe platform sliders

You'll probably sense a theme here... but again these are super easy to make! I'd definitely recommend trying to make mule uppers as one of your first shoe / sandal making projects. This pair of mules are a little more ✨extra✨ than the flat mule sliders as there are made on a platform unit! This totally gives me 90's vibes 💁‍♀️

Get started with the Slider Sandal Pattern for the upper of the sandal.

Shop our platform sole units HERE.

8. Embroidered Mule Sandals

These sandals are one of my FAVOURITE makes we've ever done. 

We teamed up with the world renowned embroidery house, Hand & Lock, to create a truly one-of-a-kind pair of sandals and we’re officially OBSESSED!!

Featuring a stunning embroidered landscape combined with our ankle strap pattern this collaboration serves as inspiration for those looking to think outside the box for their next shoe project.

You can find out more about this collaboration 🌟HERE🌟.

Get started with the Mid Heel Curvy Sandal Pattern.

9. Beaded High Heel Sandals

This pair of sandals were another collaboration, this time with the ever so talented Imogen Melissa. 

There's something inherently special about crafting your own footwear, and when it comes to sandals, adding a touch of beadwork can elevate them from ordinary to extraordinary.

Not only did this project offer a fun and artistic endeavour, but it also resulted in a one-of-a-kind pair of sandals that you can proudly flaunt. 

You can find out more about this collaboration 🌟HERE🌟.

Get started with the Ankle Strap Pattern. 

10. Fabric Covered Platforms

Funky psychedelic print platform sliders

And finally... another collaboration! 

What happens when a 70’s psychedelic print has a baby with our square toe wedges? These amazingly fun sliders are born!! 🤩

Our collaboration with Tara Khorzad, a print designer from London, was super fun. It shows you how you can take a pair of platform sliders and completely make them your own. This pair of platforms is the same as the green pair from earlier, but this time we used some of Tara's farbic to cover the platform unit. You can totally get creative with how you cover the platforms and put your own spin on it!

You can find out more about this collaboration 🌟HERE🌟.

Get started with the Slider Sandal Pattern for the upper of the sandal.

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