What you'll learn

In under 40-minutes you'll get a complete overview of what it takes to start making your own shoes from home 🌟

You'll learn:

✔️ How to make a shoe from start to finish - it's easier than you think 😉

✔️ The anatomy of a shoe and what tools & components are required

✔️ The end-to-end process of assembling shoes from patterns, cutting materials, attaching soles, drilling heels and much more!

THANKS SO MUCH! Amanda, you absolutely rock for starting your business to teach beginners. I'm going to tell everyone I meet to take your courses.
Shoe love 😍 The feeling is even stronger when you have made them yourself. From scratch. Like from scratch, from scratch.
I really can't praise this enough! Would give it 100/5 stars if I could!
I'm so pleased with my shoes and happy to say that 'I Can Make Shoes!'

Who is this for?

✔️ Total beginners 🌟

✔️ Designers, Makers and Crafters

✔️ People with 'difficult feet' who want beautiful shoes that fit comfortably

✔️ Those who want to learn what’s involved in making shoes from home

What do I need?

Nothing at all! 🙌 During this lesson I'll be covering all the tools and equipment required for making your own shoes. So all you'll need is a notepad and a cup of tea 😉☕️

Here's what you can expect:

✔️ 34 minutes of video tutorial that you can pause, replay, and follow along at your own pace and leisure

✔️ The I Can Make Shoes teaching method that has enabled over 2500 students worldwide to make beautiful shoes from home

✔️ To discover how easy it is to fit the craft of shoemaking around your other hobbies, kids/cats, work and all the things 😉

Meet your host

Hi, I'm Amanda and I've been teaching shoemaking for over 10 years.

Everyday I meet people who want to start making their own shoes, but don't know where to start.

I designed this free tutorial to teach you my simple method of making shoes from home.

Finally create those shoes that FIT, those shoes that you LOVE, and when people comment on how gorgeous they are you can say 'thanks, I made them' 😉

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